About Bucks County Alpacas

Established in 2004, Bucks County Alpacas is owned by neighbors Karin Giordano and Erica Tollini. Located on 2 properties in Bedminster Township, Upper Bucks County, we have specialized in the breeding and raising Suri Alpacas. Over the past 15 years, Bucks County Alpacas has evolved into primarily an alpaca fiber business selling at local farmers’ markets. We sell Suri fiber, roving, yarn, alpaca yarn, and blends, both natural and dyed colors. We carry alpaca products, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and socks focusing on products produced in the USA and a few fair trade products.

Alpaca is a luxury fiber, comparable to cashmere. Alpaca fiber is soft, 3 to 7 times warmer than wool, and lightweight. It is hypoallergenic, wicks away moisture, and does not absorb odors as cotton fibers do.

Most of our yarn is processed here in Pennsylvania and is 70% Suri alpaca and 30% merino. The merino gives the yarn memory and comes in both Fingering and DK weights both come in 4 oz skeins. We also have a limited supply of 100% Suri and alpaca yarn in sport weight, along with some Suri rug yarn.

What we offer

We have raw Suri fleeces and Suri roving.

BCA carries Frog Creek socks made in Pennsylvania, they come in light weight and heavy weight. These socks are made of 72% alpaca, 26% nylon and 2% elastic. Light weight socks come in 4 styles: ankle, short, crew and boot. Heavy weight come in 3 styles short, crew and boot.

We have black hiking and skiing socks from Choice Alpaca that are made in the USA. Outdoor Adventure socks are lighter in weight than the Superwarm and come in short and crew style. Superwarm socks are great for skiing and only come in crew.

BCA has fingerless gloves, gloves, glittens, mittens, hats, and scarves from NEAFP made in a resurrected woolen mill in Massachusetts.

We have some alpaca felted items, dryer balls and felted shoe/boot inserts.